Saturday, July 2, 2022

What Happens When You Can't Work?

We can presume that most of us enjoy earning a living, getting a paycheck (nowadays direct deposit is the norm) and having some discretionary, or "leftover" money to use after paying our bills. Those funds are what we use for the fun stuff, like eating a meal at a restaurant or seeing a movie or treating a friend to lunch. 

But what happens when those funds are no longer available? What if you aren't able to work due to sickness or injury? 

For many people (like me) who are small business owners, independent contractors or otherwise self-employed, a serious disability could not only be devastating to a family's finances, but could also damage the business providing the income. But there's a solution!

A Disability Income (DI) insurance policy can help you protect your paycheck, which in turn helps you pay your bills and maybe even have a little leftover for a movie. DI can help you and your business stay afloat when you are unable to work. 

There are a few things to consider when looking at DI. 

  • Underwriting looks at your health, your income and the type of work you do. An office worker may have lower rates than a welder because welding is more dangerous. Some insurance companies will require to see your taxes for the last 2 years.
  • Policies can also be purchased that are solely for keeping the business open. 
  • Individual DI policies may not have all the benefits found in group plans, like maternity coverage. However, there are many more options that can be structured to work for your needs.
Premiums may not be as high as you think, and your coverage can be customized to fit your budget. Given that over 85% of claims are actually for illnesses, like cancer or strokes, that doesn't mean accidents can't happen. Either way, if you can't work, a DI plan will be a great way to avoid guilting your friends and family into contributing to your GoFundMe plan. 

Chris Castanes is the president of Surf Financial Brokers, helping people find affordable life and disability insurance coverage. He's also is a professional speaker helping sales people be more productive and efficient and has spoken to professional and civic organizations throughout the Southeast. And please subscribe to this blog!

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