Thursday, May 5, 2022

5 Times Your Income

When considering purchasing a life insurance policy many people aren't sure how much to purchase. There are many factors to consider like paying off debt and final expenses, but one part of the puzzle that often gets overlooked. 

I often meet people who say they just need enough to cover the balance of their mortgage with the idea that when they pass away, their families can stay in the home. Unfortunately, they fail to consider that while their loved ones are in a house that is paid for, there will continue to be bills and other expenses that need to be taken care of. Roofs and refrigerators will need to be repaired or replaced, as well as other expenditures that were paid with the income of the family member who has now died.

Considering lost income will definitely add to the total amount of insurance coverage, and in some cases may actually double the original face amount, and in turn, make the premium go up. But that increase won't be as important as ensuring that the family can stay in their home and pay their bills as well. 

When figuring in "loss of income", a simple rule is to multiply your income by 5. Let's use an easy example with round numbers. Suppose your income is $50,000 each year. Simply add $250,000 to your other numbers (debt, including mortgage, final expenses, etc). That extra amount may look scary but a term policy can be an affordable way to get the correct amount insurance and keep it within your budget.

Don't let a few extra dollars in premium keep you from purchasing the insurance your family needs.

Chris Castanes is the president of Surf Financial Brokers, helping people find affordable life and disability insurance coverage. He's also is a professional speaker helping sales people be more productive and efficient and has spoken to professional and civic organizations throughout the Southeast. And please subscribe to this blog!

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