Monday, December 28, 2020

Can I Get A Quote For Cancer Insurance?

First off, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! It's definitely been a tough year for everyone and as we move toward 2021 my wish is for all to be healthy and happy.

And speaking of healthy, we are currently enduring one of the deadliest pandemics in recent history. The cacophony of news coverage regarding Covid-19 is nearly drowning out the other health issues we face, including cancer. Unfortunately, there were some celebrities we lost this year due to cancer, including Chadwick Boseman, Eddie Van Halen and Alex Trebek. It seems as if the only times we are made aware that cancer is still with us is when we hear that famous people die from it.

As a vaccine for Covid-19 becomes more widely available, our population will still need to stave off cancer and be prepared for treating it. Statistically, 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will face some sort of cancer in their lifetime*. While the medical side of the treatment has made great gains, the financial strains it puts on families is still enormous. 

This is where a cancer insurance plan can be a great fit for you. First and foremost, these plans are affordable. A few dollars each month can cover an individual with or without a spouse, as well as children. For those people who are concerned that cancer runs in their family, that is important. 

Also important is what a cancer plan can cover. Out-of-pocket expenses related to cancer can be exorbitant. For example, medical insurance may not cover the cost of experimental treatments or some medications. It most certainly does not cover the cost of travel or lodging if someone is receiving treatments in a hospital not located in their own town. All of these items add up. Not being able to work and losing income only makes the situation worse. 

Of course the financial stress on a family as a result of a cancer diagnosis is not the priority at the time. The main goal is to be cancer free and survive. But alleviating the money problems as they happen can be fruitful after treatments end and relieve stress. 

So what can one do to make sure they (or their loved ones) don't have to face the harsh reality of financial insecurity of a cancer diagnosis? The first step is to find a cancer insurance plan that meets their needs and fits in a budget. 

When discussing needs, there are several questions to be answered. 

  • Are you trying to cover yourself, you and a spouse, or the entire family?
  • Would you like your policy to pay a lump sum of money all at once or would you like to receive your benefits as you are undergoing treatments?
  • Does the plan offer optional riders which can increase or decrease my premium?
This is why we are in the process of adding a cancer insurance quoting tool to our website. It gives you an opportunity to see how a "treatment option" plan works, along with the benefits and optional riders. From there, you can click on the "Get Quote" button and enter the information needed. If you like what you see you can even proceed to beginning the process of applying. On the whole, the process can take about 10 minutes. 

Of course, if you have questions about any of this, we are available to help. In the meantime, please stay healthy!

*American Cancer Society

Chris Castanes is the president of Surf Financial Brokers, helping people find affordable life and disability insurance coverage. He's also is a professional speaker helping sales people be more productive and efficient and has spoken to professional and civic organizations throughout the Southeast. And please subscribe to this blog! 

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