Wednesday, June 24, 2020

We Love Referrals!

When you find something you feel really good about, you tend to want to share it with your friends and family. At the same time, when you make a recommendation to someone, you feel like your reputation is on the line. 

We understand that. 

We want you to feel confident about referring your friends, family, and colleagues to us. That's why we think it makes a whole lot of sense to spell out exactly what we do when we get a referral. That way, both you and the person you refer to us know exactly what to expect and what not to expect from us. 
So, here's how we work with people who are referred to us:

Our initial meeting can either be at their home or at our office, and there is absolutely no cost for our initial meeting. 

Our conversations are 100% confidential, whether or not we eventually end up working together. 

We start with a review of what's important to them; in other words, what they value most in life. 

Next we move to a review of their current situation from a comprehensive financial basis. This is really the only approach that makes sense, because all the areas of our financial lives are interrelated. 

We finish the meeting by identifying strategies that may help them get from their current situation - where they are now - to "What's Important" - where they want to be. 

After our meeting, we leave it up to them to call us if they would like to visit further. 

We are insurace advisors, and we don't think any decision should be made in a high pressure environment. So, those we meet with should never expect us to pressure them into any particular course of action. We review, analyze, make our recommendations, then we let them make the decision. 

Should your referral decide to become a client, they should expect to hear from us on a regular basis. We believe that it is our responsibility to stay in touch with our clients. 

Thanks for your referrals! And as always, stay healthy!

Chris Castanes is the president of Surf Financial Brokers, as well as a professional speaker helping sales people be more productive and efficient.

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